Lottery Simulator

I've heard the lottery is a tax on people who can't do math.

Even those of us who can do math, large numbers are difficult to grasp.

So here's your chance to play a simulated lottery for free!

To put your quest to win the lottery in perspective the program adds what you would have spent to a virtual savings account with interest.

Good luck!

Main Screen


Download the application from the Android Market Place on your phone and start pressing the play buttons.

The first button plays the virtual lottery once.

The second button plays the lottery for a week.

The third plays for a whole year.


The code simulates on old lottery scheme of picking six out of sixty numbers. Each play cost fifty cents. The jackpot is $20,000,000. To win, you have to pick the same six numbers as in the drawing.

The bank account adds up each wager of fifty cents and adds interest calculated based on the number of plays you selected per week and an interest rate. The defaults are 10 plays a week (five dollars) and an annual interest rate of 1.5%.

Settings Menu


Use the menu key for reset and settings options.

Reset returns everything to default values. The bank accounts are set to zero and the defaults for plays per week and interest are reset.

The settings page lets you set the plays per week and the annual interest rate applied to the bank account.